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After 15 years as CTO in large and small to medium-sized organizations, Naresh was getting increasingly frustrated with the spike in resources needed to identify, recruit and onboard the right talents to build high performing engineering teams in UK, Europe or the US.

Having led multiple international software development projects Naresh knew that there were top talents around the world with the right expertise, the expected certifications that were readily available to work on software development projects in the UK, Europe and the US for a fraction of the operating costs currently in place in these countries.

However, for organizations to be comfortable working with remote talents based all around the world, it needed a change in working practices and perception that remote working was more than a cheap or back-up solution.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, already organizations were starting to consider remote working as a more sustainable model for the well-being of employees, to retain top talents and benefit from the vast pool of innovation and creativity spread around the world.

It’s in this environment that Naresh founded RemoteStar to become a talent scout on behalf of organizations to help them deliver all types of software development projects on time and budget.

The Covid-19 did accelerate the culture shift and put remote working in centre stage. As a result, the demand for the services offered by RemoteStar did increase significantly over the past few months demonstrating the relevance of Naresh’s advocacy for remote working as the solution of the future to efficiently deliver software development projects.


Emily’s global experience and knowledge in building the people side of businesses includes both hands-on and strategic work in a variety of sectors with an emphasis on start-ups and scale-ups in flexible and remote work environments. To RemoteStar, she brings her focus on developing engaged, remote teams and leaders using dynamic people practices allowing for new and sustainable ways for success in this new future of work.


Proven P&L accountability, management of £multi-million budgets, and ability to identify and provide innovative methodologies to consistently deliver bottom-line profit and shareholder value. Commercially astute leader for teams (+100 people) boasting the ability to lead by example with an enthusiastic and empowering style, focusing energy on key drivers for high performance.


Arti has a vast experience of developing engaging and informative content for a wide range of organisations within the tech world. Arti’s knowledge of the tech world and expertise in turning technical language into clear communications help our clients navigate easily through the process of hiring and onboarding remote teams.


Gaye focuses on identifying opportunities for businesses. Thanks to her experience working with businesses across the board, she brings her vast knowledge together to deliver great results. From venture building to proposition development and emerging technologies, Gaye is here to help. If you are looking for opportunities that require expertise in AI, blockchain, machine learning, internet of things or else, Gaye is the person you need to speak to.