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From the ‘Remote Employee Experience Index’ recently launched by the communication platform Slack to expatriate employees being offered incentives to remote working from Dubai & 20 interesting stats about remote work, here are the latest remote working News from the last week of October 2020.

How to be social when working remotely?

One of the biggest concerns we hear about working remotely is how to remain “social”. For some, the majority of their social interactions are with their colleagues and those who also work nearby. We get it, you want the banter and casual conversations that happen in the office, the lunches or meeting friends in the Central Business District for drinks or going to a gym nearby. Remote working doesn’t mean that social interaction is gone at all. Here are 5 ways to be social as a remote worker.

Remote working News

From a survey that confirms that home working is likely to be a permanent fixture for a majority of businesses to the impact of WFH this winter on household energy bills to how big firms are supporting their employees as they spend more time at home, here are the latest remote working News from the first week of October 2020.

Top things for a business leader to consider before building a remote team

As a business leader, building a remote team maybe a daunting prospect. How will you make sure employee engagement and productivity is the same as for an ‘office’ team? How will you ensure ideation is strong? How will you ensure your teams communicate, collaborate and continue to enhance their capabilities? Here are things for a business leader to consider before building a remote team.

Is remote working right for me?

Remote working has so many benefits. It also has lots of stereotypes and even some possible downsides for those not prepared for it. Here are some key questions to ask yourselves when making this big choice to “go remote”. It’s also worth noting that we strongly feel that making the choice to work remotely rather than it being forced on you to work from home because of a pandemic are not the same thing at all.

Remote working News

Remote working sparks debate amongst leading executives. While Tim Cook from Apple found that there are some things that work really well virtually, Netflix’s chairman, Reed Hastings, believes that working from home makes debating ideas harder. In Australia a vast majority of Australians now want remote working to be a regular feature of their lives. That said, as Gretchen Goldman’s social media post shows, it is important for an employer to know what are the working conditions of its employees to ensure remote working is suitable.